Since our foundation in 2006 we bottle our smoothies in the best packaging material there is: glass. The founders of true fruits Inga, Marco and Nic have made a conscious decision to use glass despite its obvious disadvantages (heavy, fragile, and more expensive! ..than PET bottles) in opposition to the industrys standard plastic.

Our quality concept does not end with the smoothie itself, but also includes the packaging material. In our opinion glass is the best packaging material available. Glass is just like a robust case: tightly sealed, tasteless and it preserves the stability and colour of our products. Moreover it is plain and simply beautiful. Furthermore, glass is a natural ressource which is up to 100 % recyclable. Within a closed loop new glass is being made out of post-consumer bottles and flakes, which can be formed into beer, wine or smoothie bottles. By the way smoothie our bottles are made out of 45-50 % recycled glass.

If you put our glass bottles in the recycling banks they can be 100% recycled – but some people think that they are too beautiful to throw away. Launched in 2014, we currently have seven different stainless steel bottle tops which you can screw onto your empty 250-ml & 750-ml bottles to give them a second life after you’ve finished the last drop. Our stainless steel bottle tops emphasize the value of glass as well as the reusability of our plain and simply beautiful smoothie bottles. Not only is good for the planet but it is pretty and fuctional for your kitchen and table. At present, we are working on the development of a shisha bottle top. If you would like to know once our shisha bottle top is being released, all you need to do is to send us an e-mail to


Eventhough environmental awareness might not come natural to some, we should be aware what plastic is causing to the environment: Once there is plastic waste and it ends up in the ocean, it becomes microplastic and ends up in our food and in our bodies eventually.

WE HAVE TO ADMIT: We do not have a clean record either.

We have failed. We spent a whole year trying out loads of different things, but we just couldn't manage it. Back in 2018, we were the first company to bring ready-made smoothie bowls with a topping to the market. But there was a problem from the very beginning: we have always used glass packaging, but we had to choose a plastic lid for our topping, as there were so few alternatives. It is made from APET RE (80% recycled plastic) but that doesn't make it any better for us. We had hoped to find an alternative by working together with you.

Plastic stays around forever & is terrible for our oceans.

One year ago, we asked for your help on this page. We were overwhelmed by your response: we received over 800 emails, Facebook and Instagram messages. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t find an alternative that ticked all of our complex boxes (find out here why bioplastic, your most popular recommendation, is not an option.) We set ourselves the target of finding a solution within one year - using plastic is just not an option for us. We’re giving up: plastic simply stays around forever & is terrible for our oceans.



And so, we are separating the things that actually belong together: our smoothie bowls are now only available without a topping and with two new recipes: KiBa and coconut & passion fruit.

You can eat our ready-made smoothie bowls with a spoon. And you can add a topping of your choice to them - we reckon you need a crispy topping to make the perfect bowl. And so, we have poured our topping equivalent of our heart and soul into glass jars: the result is a pumpkin seed and a strawberry granola. You can find both toppings exclusively in our online shop.

Why don’t you use a bioplastic lid, like one made from corn or sugar cane?

What about bamboo or cardboard?

So why not use glass on glass, glass in glass or glass with a double base?

What about wood?

Call-Up 2018

We think plastic is shit!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. We’ve always been notorious for slagging off plastic and, whenever possible, avoiding using it. As you can probably guess from the name of the site, we think plastic is shit, because waste plastic is polluting our planet (and that’s bad for us and the generations after us). Here we explain to you why we’ve chosen to use a plastic lid. It’s up to you whether you still like us after that, but it’s good you’ve read this far.

Maybe it’s because we were always chosen last for the sports team, but we always want to be the first to bring new and unusual product innovations onto the market (someone’s got there first with a ground pork smoothie....). About two years ago, when we had the idea of launching smoothie Bowls, we soon developed the recipes, toppings and a new glass shape. But there was a problem: how do we package the topping? It wasn’t an option for us to put it into the bowl (unless you like your topping mushy). For months we tried lots of different things to find a solution we were satisfied with.

But for various reasons it didn’t work using a cardboard or glass lid (you can read why here). In the end only plastic was left, because it is the only material that fulfilled all the requirements.

So when we had to decided whether to launch Smoothie Bowls with plastic lids, or not launch Smoothie Bowls at all, we decided to opt for the plastic. Because:

Maybe you can save us?

We’re not giving up on the idea of finding a better solution. We believe we can do it together. Maybe you know someone who knows someone... Help us! Maybe you’re working on an alternative in your studies, or you’re a packaging engineer or you know someone who could contribute, then please use the share button underneath to send our plea out into the world.

The devil wears Prada and lies in the details... During the development process we learnt the following requirements have to be fulfilled.





Tight Fit

Money, money, money...

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