We think plastic is shit!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. We’ve always been notorious for slagging off plastic and, whenever possible, avoiding using it. As you can probably guess from the name of the site, we think plastic is shit, because waste plastic is polluting our planet (and that’s bad for us and the generations after us). Here we explain to you why we’ve chosen to use a plastic lid. It’s up to you whether you still like us after that, but it’s good you’ve read this far.

Maybe it’s because we were always chosen last for the sports team, but we always want to be the first to bring new and unusual product innovations onto the market (someone’s got there first with a ground pork smoothie....). About two years ago, when we had the idea of launching smoothie Bowls, we soon developed the recipes, toppings and a new glass shape. But there was a problem: how do we package the topping? It wasn’t an option for us to put it into the bowl (unless you like your topping mushy). For months we tried lots of different things to find a solution we were satisfied with.

But for various reasons it didn’t work using a cardboard or glass lid (you can read why here). In the end only plastic was left, because it is the only material that fulfilled all the requirements.

So when we had to decided whether to launch Smoothie Bowls with plastic lids, or not launch Smoothie Bowls at all, we decided to opt for the plastic. Because:

Maybe you can save us?

We’re not giving up on the idea of finding a better solution. We believe we can do it together. Maybe you know someone who knows someone... Help us! Maybe you’re working on an alternative in your studies, or you’re a packaging engineer or you know someone who could contribute, then please use the share button underneath to send our plea out into the world.

The devil wears Prada and lies in the details... During the development process we learnt the following requirements have to be fulfilled.





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